Choosing to Return to College

Choosing To Return To College

Should Military Members Study Human Resources?

by Samuel Byrd

For many military members, going to school online offers the best opportunity to obtain higher education — especially if you are required to move frequently. Human resources is often a chosen field of study for individuals going this route, especially because it offers such a broad range of career options for those years after school. Are you wondering if human resources might be a great field of study for you while you are in the military? These are a few reasons to consider it.

You Will Learn About Company Culture

Company culture or corporate culture refers to the ability of a business to develop its own culture based on its values and mission statements. The military has a strong culture that really shines a light on the way each member behaves.

In order to foster a positive company culture, human resources professionals may have to look at managers and other leadership to determine if they are fostering a positive environment for all. With so much leadership involved in the military, it makes sense that understanding company culture is so important for you.

You Will Learn About Core Competencies

Competencies are typically the skills somebody needs to complete a job, but they can also include soft skills in addition to concrete, hard skills. For example, you would expect that a military psychology professional has knowledge in psychology but also possesses strong interpersonal skills.

In the military, you need to know about core competencies to understand which roles a military member will be appropriate in. For example, if you are a recruiter you need to know which competencies are required of a specific job and what you can do to help somebody else fit in with a specific kind of role.

You Will Learn About Misconduct

In many cases, it is up to HR to determine what constitutes gross misconduct in the workplace. In a workplace setting, this kind of misconduct refers to actions and behaviors that allow the company to let you go immediately. It is often not related to your work abilities but rather something like assault against another employee or stealing supplies from an office cabinet.

In the military, there is a lot of responsibility involved in each operation. It is important that members of the military understand misconduct and the best ways to spot it in leadership and subordinates.

Human resources can make for a delightful career, whether you do your job in our out of the military. Programs offered for military members are available at many online schools. When you have a deep understanding of these core concepts, you are better prepared for the careers your future holds for you.

For more information, contact an online college for military members.


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Choosing To Return To College

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