Choosing to Return to College

Choosing To Return To College

Are You Already Planning For Next Year's Summer Break? 3 Benefits Of Academic Summer Camps For Kids

by Samuel Byrd

Summer camps come in all kinds of different models, and your child might need a place to go during their time off from school that does more than the traditional hiking and swimming. For many children, the summertime can cause them to lose some of what they learned during the school year. Or, your child just might be really into technology more than they are sports. Academic summer camps for kids provide these benefits that last well after the last day of the season.

Take Learning Beyond the Classroom

During the formal school year, your child likely has to spend most of their time focused on work in their classroom. While teachers throw in some hands-on experiences here and there, it just might not be enough to keep your child stimulated. At a summer camp that focuses on academics, campers will spend some of their time indoors in a traditional classroom. But, they'll also spend the majority of their time engaged in exciting experiences that take learning to a new level. Whether they learn about agriculture by visiting a farm or get to see real scientists in action at a local museum, your child will never say that learning is boring.

Provide Support for Learning Deficits

Many younger students experienced significant gaps in their learning due to having to stay home during the early parts of the pandemic. While summer school programs try to make up for the deficits, it is possible that your child needs a change of pace after being in the same environment throughout the school year. Academic summer camps make continuing their education fun, and your child will get the chance to receive personalized individual support that helps to make up for any skill gaps that they have. This helps your child return to the new school year with a solid foundation for building new grade-level skills.

Help Your Child Connect With Positive Role Models

Similar to traditional summer camps, your child will spend time with educators, camp counselors, and other support staff who all have a love for learning. Being in a supportive environment helps your child's self-esteem grow, and they will meet people who dedicate their lives to making advances in science, math, technology, and other important academic fields. Meeting people who use their academic skills in their real-life careers might even spark a new interest in your child. Plus, they'll have positive role models that they can turn to with their questions as they make new discoveries.

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Choosing To Return To College

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