Choosing to Return to College

Choosing To Return To College

Important Things Taught In BLS Classes For Healthcare Professionals

by Samuel Byrd

If you work in the healthcare industry, for example, as a nurse or physician's aid, then you may be required to get BLS (basic life support) certified. There are specific BLS classes you can enroll in to receive this certification and learn more about these things.

The Importance of a Team-Based Approach

When people can't breathe - whether it's because of a medical condition or their airway is blocked - a team-based approach is often necessary to keep them safe. There is subsequently a chain of professionals who provide basic life support to individuals that need it.

You can learn about these team-oriented philosophies when you take a BLS class to become certified. You'll learn about the proper chain of command, such as first-responders intervening until ER doctors can provide additional life support. You'll also see what a proper team looks like so that the right services are carried out at the right times for those that aren't breathing or having difficulty breathing. 

Foreign Body Airway Obstruction

A person's airway can become obstructed when foreign objects get in the way. Even small objects can cause airway issues. It's important that you know how to deal with these situations like a medical professional and you will when you utilize BLS classes.

They are taught by certified instructors that can show you the proper protocols for dealing with foreign objects in a safe, effective manner. These classes teach foreign object removal procedures for both adults and children, which ensures you're ready for people of all ages that experience this life-threatening issue.

High-Quality CPR

You probably received instructions on how to give CPR to people that can't breathe somewhere down the line in your medical training, but you can ensure this training is up to date and impactful when you enroll in a BLS class. High-quality CPR will be a heavy focus.

You'll learn proper CPR procedures for people of all ages, as well as how to administer CPR without causing further damage. Some people don't know how to do this and then do more harm than good, such as fracturing a rib. These incidents won't happen if you make it through a BLS class because it will be very thorough with CPR training.

Being able to provide basic life support is something every medical professional needs to understand, whether it's firefighters, police officers, primary care physicians, or nurses. You'll learn all about this type of care when you use BLS classes as an educational resource. 


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Choosing To Return To College

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