Choosing to Return to College

Choosing To Return To College

Should Your Child's Preschool Teacher Have A Teaching License?

by Samuel Byrd

Admittedly, there are preschool teachers who do not have a teaching license but love kids to pieces. They are quite gifted and know how to engage and connect with children. If you are a parent going to pick your toddler up from preschool and you see the amazing interaction between the teacher and your toddler, would you choose a person with a diploma over a person with heart?

Traditionally, schools were able and willing to hire teachers based on their aptitude for dealing with children. As kindergarten readiness becomes a bigger factor in pre-k care, licensing is one of the ways schools can vet potential teachers.

Benefits of licensing a Preschool teacher

It Incentivizes the teachers

Licensing will incentivize would-be teachers to work hard and get the relevant licensing because it means that they are considered capable of caring for children by the state. Hands on experience with children open better career opportunities for the teacher and licensing allows the teachers to gain that competitive edge.

It creates a sense of trust

Parents love teachers who are caring and diligent with their kids. However, trust trumps heart in some cases, and this is one of them. Every parent wants to have their child in an environment where the adults have been vetted and deemed responsible and healthy to be around young ones. Licensing preschool teachers increases the trust element with parents, as they believe in the state's licensing processes.

It increases value

To get a license, you must have passed all the relevant requirements and be capable of teaching young minds. You also know how to identify any issues in children and how to encourage the child in a positive direction. Having such a teacher on the staff is of great value.

To encourage unlicensed preschool teachers to get licensed, the current market should reward preschool teachers for getting additional credentials. This will not only increase the number of licensed preschool teachers but will mean better education and readiness for toddlers before school.

As to whether your child needs a licensed preschool teacher, follow your heart and see how well the teacher interacts with your child. One of the best ways to ensure that you get a quality teacher is to get your child into private education and to check the quality of the school carefully before you sign them up. Any daycare you choose, be sure that your child forms a genuine connection with their new role models. 


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Choosing To Return To College

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