Choosing to Return to College

Choosing To Return To College

Top Tips For Supporting Your Kids Who Are Playing Group Sports

by Samuel Byrd

Group sports offer many benefits to children and teenagers. They empower growing bodies to burn energy, build muscle, increase stamina, and improve cardiovascular fitness. Group sports also teach kids problem-solving skills and social skills as they bond with teammates. If your kids are in group sports, consider these ways that you best support them and help them thrive as student athletes.

Encourage Play and Experimentation

TIME revealed how diversification in sports is beneficial for children and young teens. Rather than restrict your kids to one sport, encourage them to try different sports for the sake of play and fun. Children may already know what sports they want to play, or they may just want to try different things until they really have fun with a sport.

Ask Open-Ended Questions About Kids' Experiences on the Field

A coach or teammates can make all the difference, too. Trying different sports can help your children meet a variety of people. Kids who say they have a great love of a sport may simply be attached to a caring coach who has a gentle way of helping kids learn.

When your children express a like or dislike of a sport, ask open-ended questions to get to the bottom of why they feel the way they do. You may opt to ask questions about what your children enjoyed during a specific practice game or what makes them mad when they're playing. Knowledge will empower you to decide whether you should let complaining kids quit a sport or simply switch teams.

Set Aside Time to Practice with Your Kids

If possible, set aside time to help your kids practice and hone their skills for group sports. Even a few minutes during a weekend can You don't have to be a star baseball player to help your little ones in a game. If you're unsure of areas where your kids need improvement, ask the coach for advice on activities you can do to help your children improve.

Also, be sure to make it fun for your kids. You may even offer little rewards for effort, rather than improvement. Children will be more motivated to practice if it feels like they're just having a good time with you. Practicing without any pressure allows your kids to explore and improve at their own pace.

Finally, keep in mind that you know your children better than anyone. Trust your own judgment and talk to your kids' coaches about any issues your children may have on the field. When you follow these tips, and stay aware of the challenges each child faces along the way, you can help your kids get the most out of group sports academies.


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Choosing To Return To College

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