Choosing to Return to College

Choosing To Return To College

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Driving Lessons In A Manual Vehicle

by Samuel Byrd

While there is a fairly large increase in the number of people driving automatic vehicles, manual transmissions are still out there and being manufactured regularly. This is why there's often a delay in deciding whether or not to take driving lessons in a manual or automatic vehicle. Here are the benefits and drawbacks to consider:

Less Flexibility With an Automatic:

Keep in mind that learning to drive an automatic vehicle means that you are going to be less flexible in the type of car you are able to drive. A person who knows how to drive a manual will be able to drive a vehicle no matter what kind of transmission, which also allows them more options when buying a vehicle. The biggest benefit of learning manual is being able to have this kind of flexibility. 

Less Long-Term Costs With a Manual:

The long-term costs of being able to drive a manual are much less, unless of course you buy an automatic vehicle. However, if you buy a manual, chances are, that car is more affordable to purchase than the automatic version. On top of this, the costs of fuel, repairs, and more are going to be less for a manual than an automatic. The only downside is that manual up-front costs are a bit higher simply because you will need more driving lesson sessions than you would with an automatic. However, this could end up paying for itself in the end if you choose to drive a manual. 

Less Frustration With an Automatic:

Learning to drive an automatic vehicle is much less frustrating simply because it doesn't require any kind of gear changing. The changing of gears in a manual vehicle is challenging to learn and stalling is going to happen and probably pretty often at first. On top of this, there are extra lessons required because you will need to get the hang of learning to shift, learning to drive, and learning other driving habits that are more challenging in manual vehicles, such as driving uphill. 

Less Likely to Have a Bad Driving Experience With an Automatic:

If there is a fear of driving, then learning to drive a manual can only illuminate these fears more. The experience alone is enough to steer a person away from driving altogether. If you are afraid this is the case, then learning with an automatic is much better in order to have an initially good starting experience with driving. However, this can actually go both ways. If you are someone who enjoys having more control over the vehicle and learning about all of it's working parts, then learning to drive a manual may give you a better experience. 

When you know the benefits and drawbacks of learning to drive a manual, you can have a better idea of what kind of driving lessons you want to sign up for in order to gain the experience that you most want now and in the future. 


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Choosing To Return To College

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