Choosing to Return to College

Choosing To Return To College

3 Ways Sending Your Child to a Montessori School May Affect Your Family Dynamic

by Samuel Byrd

If you are considering sending your child to a Montessori school, you should be aware that the philosophies practiced at the school may affect other areas of their life. You may notice that the confidence and curiosity your child develops at school will spill over into their personal life, changing your family dynamics.

Understanding the Montessori philosophy and anticipating the positive changes in your child will allow you to create a supportive home environment where your Montessori child can flourish. 

Your Child May Question You More Often 

In a Montessori environment children are respected as individuals and instructors help foster independence. At home your child may expect the same freedom and respect from you. This can be a difficult transition if you have a more authoritative parenting style or a particularly passive child. But while your child is becoming comfortable asserting themselves and questioning adults, they will also be learning positive ways to express themselves, which can mean less conflict even when they question your rules or traditions. 

Your Child May Want to Play on Their Own More 

Because the Montessori philosophy values the individual learner, Montessori schools are set up in ways that encourage students to play individually. This allows each child to focus on their emerging skills and interests. At home your child may want to continue their independent play at times. However, it's important to make yourself available as a supportive parent to help your child understand the value of community and their expected role in the household. 

You May Be Expected to Participate More 

The Montessori philosophy values a supportive community. In many schools, this means the parents are expected to get involved with school events more often than you may be asked to at non-Montessori schools. Your child's teachers may also encourage you to learn more about the Montessori philosophy and follow its basic ideas at home so your child has a consistent environment at home and school. This may mean reading about Montessori, playing some games or doing activities with your child, and giving your child access to nature when they are at home. Although not required, you may want to purchase some Montessori materials that you can explore with your child at home. 

Sending your child to a Montessori school will not completely change your family life. However, you may notice some changes in the way your child behaves at home. Understanding these changes will allow you to keep your family dynamic positive. 


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